The Sweet Spot – Sweetie Cake Bake Shop’s new Baking Blog!

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Finally…Sweetie Cake Bake Shop’s Baking Blog!

I’ve been waiting for years to say this…Welcome to the Sweet Spot! Sweetie Cake Bake Shop’s new blog! Sweetie Cake Bake Shop was born over 10 years ago! When I first started I was a brand new mom. I was beginning on a new path with a vision of turning a passion into a business. Things got busy because life is busy. While I always had the desire to share, when I first started out I didn’t have the time, platforms or experience to do that. Fast forward to today. Years of baking, decorating and celebrations have passed; Mistakes have been made and lessons have been learned; New techniques and countless recipes have been tried; Social Media channels have been built and grown. Now is the time for something fresh and new again and I’m finally beginning a blog for Sweetie Cake Bake Shop and sharing my first blog post! Late to the game I know, but as I sit here and type away I’m bubbling over with anticipation to finally share my time, knowledge, ideas and baking experience with you.

What you can expect from the Sweet Spot?

So what exactly will you find over here at the Sweet Spot? There’s so many things that I can’t wait to share with you! I’m excited to share tried and true recipes with you as well as tips and tricks to ensure perfect results (and avoid frustration). There will be decorating knowledge to help you achieve beautiful baked goods and essential kitchen and decorating tools that will help make the job easier. What more could you ask for in a baking blog? Well, you’ll also find a bit about me, Heather – allow me to introduce myself by clicking here . You’ll find some of my many custom creations, you can find most of them here at:, on my IG page and you’ll also find a sprinkling of some of my favourite things – because who doesn’t love pretty things in their kitchen and workspace!?

Stories Created by a Passion

As a (mostly) self-taught baker and edible artist, I’ve learned SO much over the years. I’ve made many mistakes and I’ve tried recipe after recipe. I have implemented countless changes, adapted and rolled with the punches and built a small biz with many memories along the way. This baking blog is a big step outside my comfort zone, however it’s one that makes complete sense and is overdue. Writing and communicating through storytelling has been one of my strengths since I was young. It’s another creative outlet I’ve always enjoyed so I’m very excited to share my passion for baking in this way. I hope you find value in these things and truly enjoy all of the sweetness I’m about to share with you!

“You’ll never get bored when you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do.”

– Dr. Seuss

xo Heather